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Mockingjay: Design in everyday life

March 23, 2012


MockingjayIt’s finally here!

If you are like me, you have been patiently waiting for the The Hunger Games movie premiere for several months now.

If you aren’t familiar with The Hunger Games, it’s a story inspired by Greek mythology that is fast paced with edge-of-your-seat action. It was a great book trilogy and I have high hopes that the movies will be just as great. I caught the midnight showing last night with a few friends but I’m not talking! Go check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

If you are even the slightest bit familiar with the books, I know you are familiar with the iconic mockingjay graphic. It is everywhere. From book covers to movie posters, necklaces to cell phone cases. Believe it or not, people are even doing Hunger Games themed weddings complete with mockingjay cupcakes.

But, have you ever thought about how this symbol came to be? Who was the designer that first read Suzanne Collins’s story and brought this symbol of hope and rebellion to life? What goes into creating such an iconic symbol?

Tim O’Brien, an American illustrator, is the guy we have to thank for the mockingjay graphic that seems to be everywhere right now. Check out his blog post that details the creative process of the mockingjay and the first Hunger Games book cover.

The Hunger Games International Book Covers

In celebration of the release of The Hunger Games, here are some international Hunger Games book covers for your enjoyment! (Oh, on a sidenote, did you know The Hunger Games was filmed in North Carolina?)

US cover


UK cover


Taiwan cover


Sweden cover


Russia cover


Romania cover


Japan cover


Greece cover


Germany cover


Hunger Games Denmark


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